Ai Is Transforming The Workplace: Pro Or Con?

For employees, AI can also offer constructive feedback, giving appreciative employees the opportunity to improve their performance. If an AI tool is only looking at productivity, it may put older employees who work more slowly at risk of losing their job. Second, AI used within the workplace should be transparent to its employees. GeekWire caught up with Harry Shum, vice president of Microsoft’s AI and Research group for more details. Cognitive Services for Microsoft Azure, Bot Framework, Einstein initiatives, and Microsoft Translator advances are just a few of the signs of progress the AI and Research group has seen since its inception 18 months ago. WIll Microsoft win at AI? According to Shum, it comes down to a “Mindset change across the whole company. Satya and I keep telling people that AI is not just Harry’s problem. AI is everyone’s problem in Microsoft.” Forbes recently shared an article touting the benefits of artificial intelligence in the workplace.


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