96% Of U.S. Professionals Say They Need Flexibility, But Only 47% Have It

There are lots of people out there who need flexibility but don’t have access to it. In our study on flexibility in the modern workforce, we set out to determine whether a gap exists between flexibility supply and demand. We predicted that a flexibility gap would exist, and our results validated that hypothesis: 96% of employees said they need flexibility, yet only 47% reported having access to the types of flexibility they need – a gap of 54%. This gap is even more pronounced for women, only 34% of whom have access to the flexibility they need. A structured flexibility program is one in which employees have a range of flexibility options to choose from and those options are broadly communicated across an organization. Given the 54% gap between supply and demand for flexibility overall, it’s not surprising that we found significant gaps between the supply and demand of each flexibility type, indicating that companies are significantly underdelivering across every flexibility type. The most-needed kind of flexibility was location-based flexibility. Employees with access to flexibility have employee net promoter scores 48 points higher than those without access to flexibility.


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