Plant Some Creativity: How Plants Boost Productivity In The Workplace

As a co-working space, we’re always looking for ways to boost the mood and productivity of our members and with around 90% of a city dweller’s time being spent indoors, it pays to put a little effort into greening up your space. Researchers at Exeter University have found the psychological effects of plants for the people around them to be overwhelmingly positive, with their tests proving a little foliage boosts office productivity by almost a fifth. Disturbingly for us office dwellers, the air inside is up to ten times more polluted than outside. Studies have shown plants do not only decrease CO2 levels by up to 25% in offices, but research has also revealed plants to be the most viable way of removing toxic substances and fumes from the air indoors. Aside from these delicious stats; plants are cool! They jazz up your desk more than your average post-it note collection, you can give them outrageous names and you may even boost bonds with your work colleagues over shared care of your budding squad. Succulents are the new office dog-less hair more air-and you don’t need Alan Titchmarsh to keep them alive either which is a huge bonus when you’re out of office and everyone conveniently forgets about your little green friend. Resident bad boy Raven is new to Patch and is a striking addition to any office party. For all our WL buds, there’s 10% off! Pop into any space to find out more about our partnership & how we’ll brighten your office with plants from Patch.


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