5 Simple Tips To Increase Your Productivity

There are days when you get a lot of work done really fast and others when it takes you an entire day to get through one simple task. While there’s no straight and easy way to get things done, there are several tricks and tips that you can learn to master in order to make the most out of your day. Fast Company compiled a list of some tips from productivity experts that’ll make your days last longer and your time more valuable. You should make time for three healthy meals a day and a snack, since these will keep your blood sugar levels high and will help you concentrate and find motivation. Check on your list throughout the day and tack off the things you’ve already accomplished. Personal trainer Jill McKay believes that you should do something you enjoy in the mornings in order to start the day off right. If you feel good in the morning then you’ll likely feel good throughout the rest of the day.


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