Nine Tips For Managing Tech Distractions In The Workplace

To help combat this problem, we asked a panel of Forbes Coaches Council how to keep technology from becoming a distraction in the workplace. The leader should set the tone for a healthy, balanced relationship with technology, so the team embodies a best practice where technology is a tool, not a distraction. To utilize technology in its best and most useful ways, companies must discern the whys and whens of their use of technology: Why are they using a certain technology, and how often should those technologies be used? When their whys and whens are discerned, technology becomes an asset – not a liability. Tips for keeping technology from becoming a distraction in the workplace are to turn off pop-ups, turn down the volume, schedule response times and develop a personal emergency notification system. To manage technology instead of allowing technology to manage you. To increase productivity and minimize ineffectiveness due to technology interruptions, schedule “Technology breaks” where you. Can actively engage in the use of technology at specified times to stay up-to-date, then schedule “Work time” where technology is silenced or hidden from view.


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