Two Skills That Normally Don\’T Go Together

Horowitz wrote one of the best business and managerial books I’ve ever read called The Hard Thing About Hard Things. There’s no recipe for really complicated, dynamic situations. There’s no recipe for building a high-tech company; there’s no recipe for leading a group of people out of trouble; there’s no recipe for making a series of hit songs; there’s no recipe for playing NFL quarterback; there’s no recipe for running for president; and there’s no recipe for motivating teams when your business has turned to crap. The hard thing about hard things is true in business and in life. Maybe half the battle is understanding that there’s always going to be a battle in whatever it is you do and embracing that fact instead of shying away from it. There’s also something to be said for tackling uncertainty head on and building it into your expectations about the future. Successful organizations require a combination of well thought out systems and people skills.


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