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While the potential contribution the workplace can make to an organisation is at last being recognised, and unconsciously the notion that the workplace is part of an organisation’s culture and not something external to it is being accepted, there remains a tendency to over-think what makes a great place to work and so do little as a result. In creating a workplace, we need to understand both. Of the organisation’s DNA through its workplace creating advocacy and commitment. The ability for everyone to set their workplace up as they need, to have a relationship with it;. Everyone should have a fantastic workplace and no one should ever feel like a special case-regulations are a safety net, we need to set our targets far higher;. For all the stuff we now bring to a workplace, particularly where wellbeing programmes and amenities are available-and like every building should be designed from the inside out, every workplace should be designed from the inside of the locker out. The drive behind the creation of the Elemental Workplace is a belief that everyone deserves a fantastic workplace-that it is the right thing to do, that it is attainable, and that it is simple if we focus on the right things.


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