Workplace Flexibility Helps Entrepreneurs Attract Top Talent

Executive search firm Inkwell connects brands with seasoned employees who need flexible schedules. What if your new CFO was a young mom who works remotely one or two days a week, or comes in from noon to 8 pm, or maybe even works part-time? She comes with the high-level experience you covet, but she wants flexibility – and to get it, she’s ready to deal. That’s the idea championed by Manon DeFelice, founder of an executive search firm called Inkwell. Inkwell has been placing these candidates in flexible roles for the past five years, and though 80 percent of the company’s 4,000-candidate community is female, men are coming aboard, too. Cofounder Osman Khan says he liked the idea of “Finding talent that was willing to take a haircut to their market rate” – and decided to try Inkwell. “There’s a lot of people who assume that flexible work equals less work,” says Khan. McConnell hired his new head of people through Inkwell as a test case.


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