5 Essential Communication Tools For The Modern Workplace

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to put to rest communication tools that can no longer match the pace of the ever-growing needs of your workplace. The Slack Future of Work study found that workers clearly favor tools that allow them to communicate with speed, with 80% expecting colleagues to answer emails as quickly as possible. As the ranks of freelance and remote workers continue to grow, communication tools need to be accessible from laptops anywhere. It’s easier than you might think to make the shift to more advanced communication tools in the workplace. New services from Dropbox, like Showcase, for sharing work with clients, and Paper, for working jointly on a project in real time, also help modern workplaces maximize collaboration efforts. Whether you’re looking to retire your desk phone or retake an area overrun with filing cabinets, give these communication tools a whirl as you modernize your professional workplace. Step-by-step guides to help you work better as a team and get more out of Slack-no matter what work you do.


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