How Corporate Culture Influences Workplace Design

Even the most traditional enterprises have discovered that the best workplace is one that reinforces the company’s culture. The workplace is one of the truest expressions of a brand – a living testament to company culture and values that impacts employees and customers alike, every day. The single most common theme heard from facility managers? They want a workplace that aligns with the company’s culture. This importance of brand-aligning space is even more crucial as the Baby Boom generation ages and younger workers, with different values and desires, enter the workplace amid fierce competition for workers. When prospective employees – or customers – first walk in the door, will they see a soul-deadening array of monochromatic installations? Or will they find themselves in a space that bursts with the promise of collaboration, creativity, and thoughtful attention to their needs? Collaboration among all parties in the design process is the key to creating a workplace that announces: This is who we are. The design and layout of space can encourage the kind of cooperation that nurtures a culture where great things happen. There are a variety of conference rooms and touchdown spaces of varying sizes, as well as a large, open kitchen adjoining a collaborative work, meeting, and entertaining space.


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