Why Tech-Style Offices Are The Cost-Effective Choice

From games rooms and comfy seating to the neighborhood’s best coffee bar, the hallmarks of the tech-inspired workplace can make flexible, engaging design seem like a luxury only accessible to companies with the biggest renovation budgets. Contrary to common perception, it’s actually cheaper in the U.S. to build engaging, flexible workspace than it is to invest in traditional office space designs. Right now tech-style space fit-outs cost nearly 15 percent less-approximately $30 less per square foot-than conventional office space, according to JLL’s recent report on tech office renovation and construction trends. These features are becoming increasingly common as companies strive to design flexible spaces that accommodate both employees’ needs for both collaborative and private areas and employers’ needs for agile workplaces that change with the times. In an era of intense competition for talent, tech companies are striving to boost employee satisfaction with engaging workplaces and high-quality office amenities. While tech office fit-outs achieve significant savings in hard costs and materials, it’s also wise to invest that money back into the workplace. Workplace improvements, such as modern furniture and sophisticated audio-visual technology, can add another $50 per-square-foot to renovation costs yet when these are designed with an employee-first mentality, they can go a long way in driving return on investment.

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