Are Remote Workers Happier And More Productive? New Survey Offers Answers

Are remote workers more satisfied with their situations, or more isolated and discontented? Do they feel more valued – or less? Are they more productive – or not? With remote working arrangements becoming increasingly common, these are some of the valuable management questions addressed in a new survey, “What Leaders Need To Know About Remote Workers” from TINYpulse, an employee engagement firm. Remote workers are happier: In the aggregate, according to the survey, on a 1 to 10 scale remote workers scored 8.10, compared to all workers’ score of 7.42. Remote workers feel more valued: This to me was an interesting finding, since remote workers often have problems related to feelings of isolation and lack of daily contact with co-workers. In answer to the question, “How valued do you feel at work?” – remote workers scored 7.75, compared to all workers’ 6.69. Remote workers – overwhelmingly – feel they’re more productive: According to the survey, 91% of remote workers believe they “Get more work done when working remotely,” compared to only 9% who feel they don’t. Remote workers’ amount of contact with managers is detailed: In answer to the question, “How often do you have contact with your direct supervisor?” – 52% of remote employees responded either “Once per day” or “Multiple times per day.” At the lower-contact end of the spectrum, 34% reported contact “Once per week,” while 10% reported only “Once per month,” and 3% reported the alarming frequency of “Never.” Which brings me to my final point: Given the increasing frequency of remote arrangements, what are the implications for management?

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