Design For Life: Rethinking The Office To Promote Activity

Office life has traditionally been sedentary, but as more companies and their employees prioritise healthier lifestyles, workplaces are finding new ways to get people moving. From locating desks further from printers to providing shower rooms for runners and cyclists, adjustments to workplace facilities and culture can help make employees more active during the working day. More modern office buildings are being designed or redeveloped with movement in mind. Rooftop running tracks found on top of the Google and Adobe London office can motivate employees to fit in lunchtime workouts. Office layouts, too, are changing, as with the rise of flexible space encouraging companies to rethink how they can better create workplaces that get the best both from the building and their employees. “Smaller desks leave more space for staff to circulate – even on skateboards and scooters,” says Byrne. With employee expectations of the workplace changing and companies putting an increasing focus on humanising their office space, many active design principles lend themselves well to more collaborative and flexible way of working.

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