Why Restaurants Are Throwing Their Hat Into The Coworking Ring

Now, a growing number of restaurants are looking to build on that set-up by formally getting involved in the coworking scene. “Coworking has been occurring in the F&B sector for a long time on an informal basis,” says Adam Griffin, Director, Foodservice Consulting at JLL. “With the popularity of coworking continuing to rise, many restaurants are now looking at it as a new opportunity to activate space during morning and afternoon periods that would otherwise be sitting empty.” While some restaurants are going it alone with advertising their space, others are signing up to services like KettleSpace, Spacemize and Spacious, which offer a network of restaurants open for daytime coworking. “Restaurant coworking is less functional than a traditional coworking space – lacking printing facilities and large meeting spaces, for example,” Griffin says. Restaurants with coworking space to offer tend to be concentrated in prime city centre locations that are easily accessible, notes Griffin. “For mass market restaurants – such as Pizza Express or Bill’s – coworking is an opportunity that would fit their brand, as such restaurants already operate initiatives like off-peak offers to incentivise people to use their space,” says Griffin. With competition among coworking spaces heating up – a growing number of hotels are joining the mix alongside full-service coworking offices – restaurants will only take a very small share of the overall market, Griffin believes.

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