Wellness In A Digital World

As a Senior Director of Strategy at IA, I focus on creating work environments in a digital world for optimum human experience, wellbeing, top performance, and sustainability. In a working world where computers are the major tools to get work done, IA increasingly designs environments that give workers space to think, ponder, muse and discuss. Getting people away from a one-to-one relationship with their digital device also means increasing opportunities for them to work in one-to-many collaborative environments, which is one of the reasons many clients today offer staff a menu of choices for where to work. The growing number of chief mindfulness officers in major corporations is an indicator of the rising attention to wellness in the workplace. Wisdom 2.0 included a panel of chief mindfulness officers-moderator Rich Fernandez, formerly at Google, now CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership; Peter Bostelmann, founder and director of the Global Mindfulness Practice at SAP; Director of Mindfulness for Aetna Cheryl Jones; and Program Innovation Leader for the San Francisco Department of Public Health Mindfulness, Trauma and Racial Equity Jenée Johnson. At IA, we design mindfulness areas and rooms for our clients’ pursuit of wellness. In our practice at IA, we’ve been using the forward thinking now surfacing at thought leadership conferences like Wisdom 2.0 to make workplace design truly an enabler of wellness in work environments.

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