The Future Of Work Is An Adaptive Workforce

Watch a complementary webinar on how to use Forrester’s automation framework to guide decisioning, rationalize your automation portfolio, and prepare for the future of work. The future of work isn’t something that happens to you – it’s something you create for your company and your own career. This new adaptive workforce taps into technology innovations – particularly AI and automation – to become more flexible, responsive, and productive and to support the broader adaptive enterprise strategy. Swarm teams, which assemble employees from cross-functional groups to destroy silos, drive innovation, and solve problems, exemplify the adaptive workforce. Most of what makes up employee experience is making progress toward their work goals and having the resources they need to succeed in the work they do every day. The future of work involves human employees working side by side with robots, intelligent machines from AI, automation, and robotics. Information workers who aren’t high in any of the three attributes – they don’t score high on Future Fit, Employee Experience Index, or Robotics Quotient – hold much less helpful attitudes about issues such as customer obsession, pride in working for their companies, or innovation.


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