4 Tips For Managing Communication Among Remote, Multilingual Teams

Here are four communication tips for managing a distributed, multilingual team. Remote teams will only be as successful as the tools available to them. Companies should invest in collaboration tools, such as Slack, Google Docs, Trello and Zoom, to create a robust framework of technology for virtual employees and ensure that in-office teams work seamlessly with their remote counterparts. Remote, multilingual teams are common and provide a significant advantage since they allow companies to communicate with a larger percentage of the marketplace. Otherwise, important decisions and discussions may occur without input from the entire team, resulting in confusion and feelings of inequality among remote employees. There are numerous ways companies can create a sense of community among employees and reinforce their culture, such as using a video-conferencing tool like Zoom when hosting team meetings so that everyone can see each other and feel more connected. Managing a distributed, multilingual team that spans multiple countries comes with its own unique set of challenges.


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